Sunday, October 24

Academic Qualification Does Not Ensure Success In Life.

The question was : 'Academic qualifications ensure success in life. Do you agree or disagree?' And this was my essay . . .

Too much emphasis is put on academic qualifications nowadays. It is said to be the sole determiner of success in life. In Malaysia, for instance, jobs are secured by only those who achieve well in their academic performance. In my point of view, academic qualification may be vital but it is not the only factor to ensure success in life of an individual as the ability and the willpower of oneself are also the determiners of success.

Success cannot only be measured by academic qualification as the skill and ability of oneself should be considered as well. Skills can be categorized in many ways, for example, social skills, language skills, and computer skills. It is not guaranteed that an individual with the most A’s or perfect grades will get a job as some employers may employ workers based on their skills. This is because academic qualification is solely based on one’s performance in their respected schools, colleges or universities. It is not based on what they are yet to execute in the working environment. Hence, skills are far more important in determining a successful life in the future.

Saturday, October 16

Well, Hello October !

It's been exactly a month without a post in SakiraLicious. Exactly a month. BUT HECK . . . I couldn't care for it already. My hands are full. My days are packed. Ahh ! The utmost important thing - my internet connection is the worst. WORST.