Sunday, January 31

Most Popular Of Last 24 Hours.

I'm one of the famous pings in !
Ooh, bangganya. Haha~
31 January 2009, 11.55 PM

Comel. Cute. Kawaii.

I snap-snapped lots of pictures today.
And this is one of it . . .

Ahh ! I should have wiped away the air liur.
Baru perasan.


Jari ku merah.
Bukan darah, bukan pewarna. Tapi inai.
Inai yang I tarukkan untuk my sister gave a little effect to me finger. LOL !

Saturday, January 30

Innity, Ohh Innity !

As most of korang perasan kan, there are some bloggers tengah hot-hot mengutarakan pendapat or menceritakan pengalaman dorg pasal Innity.

Apa itu Innity ? Innity actually lebih kurang sama dengan Nuffnang, Advertlets & sama waktu dengannya. Innity provides advertisers the most robust digital ad-serving. Kita, bloggers, act as publishers in Innity . . . Kita publishkan advertisers punya advertisements in our blogs.

Thursday, January 28


Yesss. Saya lega.
Sorry ; saya tak melepas or sama waktu dengannya.

I've posted my UPU documents already ! Finally.

Wednesday, January 27

Kepala Babi Hutan Dijumpai Di Dua Masjid.

Rabu - Januari 27, 2010

KUALA LUMPUR: Empat kepala babi hutan yang dibungkus dalam empat beg plastik beras ditemui di dua masjid di Petaling Jaya selepas solat Subuh awal pagi ini.

Blogger We Care – Adik Ammar.

If you don’t know already, Adik Ammar (2 years old) needs around RM 15, 000 to cure his heart disease.

Monday, January 25


I am starting to believe that Nuffnang does generate us money.
I've only been blogging for a week (exactly a week as of today) and I inserted the HTML code of Nuffnang just a few days ago . . .

Friday, January 22


I am so pening right now. Like . . . seriously.
I'm applying for UPU and there's just too much thing to do.
Fill up the form, prepare all the necessary docs, photostat, get validations, search for the U's addresses, stamping & finally . . . posting.

Why I Like It Longer.

If I had longer fingers; I’d be a pianist.
If I had longer legs; I’d be a runner.
If I had longer LG Chocolate Phone; I’d be a woman with the perfect gadget.
That’s why I like it longer, positively.

Thursday, January 21

Friendster - MySpace - Facebook - Blogger. What's Next ?


Let’s take a walk down my e-world memory lane today, shall we ?

I can still remember clearly the year I officially started my Friendster. 2005. I was 16.
At that time, Friendster had a rule. Only people aged 16 and above can have an account. I’m not sure whether the rule is still there or not now though.

Wednesday, January 20


After a very long time . . . I bought something for myself.
As the title says it clearly : footwear.
A new sandal for me !
First shopping I've done for 2010 ;)

Tuesday, January 19

A Scar For Life.

You make it seem like nothing's wrong
I'm sorry but I can't be as strong.
I wish you'd tell me how you feel
If your feelings for me are real.

Monday, January 18

How To Add Favicon To Blogger/Blogspot.

Aku dah lama tertanya-tanya : "Camne org leh wat that small image in the address bar uniquely". Padahal dorg pon using at the back. So, I hang around with my best friend ; Mr Google. And 'terjumpa' tutorial. Senang larh gak.

I am very sure many of you would like to add a favicon of your own to your Blogger/Blogspot blog. So, I nak share-share ngan korg the tutorial that I found.

Sunday, January 17

Saya Normal. Anda ?

Sila baca cerita² di bawah . . .

Cerita 1
Aminah merenung batang yang semakin menegak itu. Dia terus mengusap-usap batang tersebut . . . kelihatan air putih mengalir keluar. Aminah pun menjerit "Nek lemang ni nak buat macam mana, dah masak rasanya".

Saturday, January 16

Friday, January 15

Boys Over Flowers OST.

Are you an addict of Hana Yori Dango or Meteor Garden ? If so, I'm rather sure you were happy to watch the Korean version of the Japanese Shoujo Manga by Kamio Yoko, Boys Over Flowers.

In this blog-post . . . I provide you the link to download BOF's original soundtracks. Enjoy !

Thursday, January 14

My Love For Movies Previous Year.

YEP. The title says it clearly enough.
My Love For Movies Previous Year. Two thousand nine larh.
I was a kaki-movie that year. Like . . . real kaki-movie.
I'll just simply pick a movie & see at the pawagam. With my "friends" of course ;)

Wednesday, January 13

Ashily - Lucky.

I assume this was Geum Jan Di's 'theme' song in Boys Over Flowers cause it was repeatedly played for most of her scenes.
I love everything about the song. The singer, the music and of course . . . the lyrics.

Tuesday, January 12


Fact : Man is the biggest threat to elephants, as they have no natural predators.
Percaya x ?

Monday, January 11

DJ Earworm Is Da Bomb !

Let me tell you something : DJ Earworm is da bomb !
Like . . . hell, yeah !

He composed a  4 minute and 45 second piece of art consisting of the top 25 most popular hit songs of 2009, according to Billboard Magazine titled "Blame It On The Pop".

Sunday, January 10

BOF In Lunar Sea's Perspective.

I couldn't sleep.
So I decided to post up these caricatures drawn by Lunar Sea based on the famous Korean drama ; Boys Over Flowers which I came across on the net . . .

Friday, January 8

Top 10 Incredible Food Facts.

Okay, I ngaku. I have no idea what to write on today's entry.
So, I've decided to kongsi these amazing facts I came across online today.
Have fun reading !
I know I did ;)

Thursday, January 7

Toilet, Ohh Toilet !

We have often seen many signboards placed in toilets, whether as a reminder or as an announcement. This may be because it is human's nature to tend to forget and must be always reminded.

Following are some toilet signs which we normally see around.

A commonly seen sign.

Wednesday, January 6

My Life According To Beyonce.

Using only song names from ONE artist/band, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to people you like. You can't use the artist/band I used. Plus, try not to repeat a song title.
It's a lot harder than you think !

Repost as "My Life According to (Artist/Band Name)"

Tuesday, January 5

5 Signs Your Blog Post Is Going Horribly Wrong.

It happens to us all.

Fired up by a great idea, you sit down ready to crank out that killer post. But as you get farther into it, your enthusiasm is replaced by a sense of dread.

Clearly, you’re getting bogged down. You’re not sure what the problem is, but the piece is not coming together the way you thought it would.

Sunday, January 3

Sepuluh Menyeronokkan Bersalah.

Kelakar kan bunyi tajuk di atas tu ? Haa, tu larh outcomenya bila guna CitCat untuk translate. Ntah apa jadinya. Actually, ayat sebenar untuk tajuk di atas ialah Ten Guilty Pleasures. Saja jer gatal tangan nak mencuba apa translationnya dalam BM. Hehe~

According to Wikipedia :
Guilty pleasure is something one enjoys despite feeling guilt for it.

Saturday, January 2

Cloud 9.

I just had a Cloud 9.
And it made me happy. LOL !

So random huh ?

Friday, January 1

First Scribble.

Blogging ey ? Hmm.

First thing I wanna scribble out to you readers (not sure if there are any) out there is :
  • Blogging is one of my 2010's resolution.
And I'm trying real hard to accomplish it.