Wednesday, June 30

Top 6 Of Showdown 2010 ; The Battle.

As I've claimed in my previous entry, the battle of the Top 6 of 8TV's Showdown 2010 was something. The battle [to put short] was seriously messed up. The first crew to battle against each other was Floor Fever [FF] vs. Giller Battle Crew [GBC] followed by Famous Crew [FMC] vs. Borneo Soul Breaker [BSB].

The battle between FF and GBC was started of by GBC. During the first few minutes of the battle ; none of the crew dared to step up. In my point of view, it seemed like Floor Fever couldn't take the floor due to the type of song being played by DJ T-Bone. The battle was won by GBC.

Monday, June 28

Brazil For World Cup 2010.

There is a saying in football that goes . . . “The English invented it, the Brazilians perfected it”. And few would argue, particularly with Brazil rated as joint-favourites to win World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

I've answered it before, and I'm answering the question again . . . Who will win the World Cup ? A very big question, I know. Lagi a big question for me yang takde larh fan besar of football. I tengok ala kadar jer. Once in a blue moon. Camtu je lorh. Heh ;)

My bet goes for ; Brazil. Sebab ? Masa I was in Form 1, 2002 - there was World Cup juga. Kalau tak silap larh. And that time the final game was between Germany and Brazil. Biasa larh budak-budak sekolah start mengbet-bet pula during the matches. And yeah, I did too.

Biar Lambat, Asal Selamat.

I am sure many of you mengetahui maksud peribahasa biar lambat, asal selamat. And I'm sure enough that this peribahasa often digunakan for driving drivers. The peribahasa with the main maksud of mengutamakan keselamatan dalam mencapai sesuatu tujuan is really the suitable one to be used for impatient drivers out there.

Sunday, June 27

Lans Koperal Maut ; Cubaan Lari Dari Pencegah Maksiat.

Aku tak tahu macam mana nak explain my first reaction after reading one of the news today in myMetro. I think it was quite funny that one of the government server almost got caught by penguat-kuasa agama. For doing unethical act, perhaps ? But at the same time . . . miserable to think about the fact that the cubaan for him to escape resulted him dead.

KOTA BHARU : Cubaan seorang anggota polis berpangkat lans koperal untuk melarikan diri daripada serbuan penguat kuasa agama membawa padah apabila dia maut dipercayai terjatuh dari tingkat tiga sebuah hotel, di sini, awal pagi semalam.

TERJATUH . . . penduduk setempat melihat tempat mangsa dipercayai terjatuh.

Thursday, June 24

Top 6 Of Showdown 2010 ; At A Glance [Part 2].

As I've told you all in part 1, the 8TV's Showdown 2010 had some surprise in store for us fans - duo performances. The first duo to perform the collaborated show was Giller Batlle Crew with Borneo Soul Breakers. They received positive feedbacks from all three judges.

The next duo to take down the stage was Wakaka Crew along with HMC Phlow. The performance was not a satisfying one as they received negative comments from all three judges. It was mainly because the dance steps were not synchronized and there were a lot of 'pelanggaran' during the show.

Top 6 Of Showdown 2010 ; At A Glance [Part 1].

Hey-hey readers of SakiraLicious ! Another Wednesday have passed by, another episode of 8TV's Showdown 2010 have ended, and another crew left from the battle. This weeks Showdown 2010's theme was a tribute to the Artiste : Timbaland.

The show was started of with Giller Battle Crew with the song Throw It On Me (Remix) by Timbaland ft. The Hives. The next crew to conquer the stage was Borneo Soul Breakers with Carry Out (Remix) by Timbaland ft. Justin Timberlake.

Wednesday, June 23

Experience Extraordinary Western Australia.

Jom experience the extraordinary Western Australia ! . . . . . . Mesti korang-korang tengah fikir, "Apa kejadahnya SakiraLicious tengah kepoh about ni ?". Kan ? Kalau bukan pun, kan² je larh. Hehe :)

Sebenarnya, aku tulis post ini as a token of appreciation for the current buffered earning in my blog. Niat untuk menulis a post on buffered earning yang diberi oleh Nuffnang dah wujud dari mula adanya buffered earning ku yang paling lama, iaitu Olympus Pen E-PL1. Tetapi, niat itu tidak ku dapat conductkan sebab time tu ada jer post² lain yang nak dipostkan. Heh !

Conclusion, now I have the time to post sebab kekeringan idea untuk memblog. So, in this entry of mine saya akan review serba sedikit mengenai the buffered earning yang sedang running . . . ehh ; bukan ! Yang sedang staying in my blog for now :)

Tuesday, June 22

Shakira - Waka Waka.

Quite a number of people tersalah masuk SakiraLicious dengan searching for Shakira's Waka Waka. I assume dorang tersalah masuk sebab dorang Googled Sakira instead of Shakira.

Sebab dorang Googled Sakira World Cup dorang tersalah land in my blog. Why is that ? Kan saya ada pernah post the official FIFA World Cup 2010 theme song . . . So, that kinda misleaded the searcher ke blog saya larh kot. Ini adalah purely based on my assumption. Heh ;p

Contest : Copy & Menang.

When I was going through blog posts on GengBlogger these now I came across a very interesting contest. Correct that, I rasa it's not a contest. It's something like a lucky draw or a giveaway kinda thing. Cause in my perspective I see that winners will be randomly choosed. That's just my perspective.

I, of course, joined. Heh ! The main thing I suka pasal this contest is because takde rules sangat. No need to follow the respected blog or what-so-ever. All you gotta do is just copy and paste wordings into your blog. Senang, bukan ?
Copy & Menang : Sungguh mudah, anda perlu copy & paste sahaja untuk memenangi TIGA buah MP3 Player.

Untuk maklumat lanjut, layari
Penaja utama : Raja Kamil,
Maklumat Hadiah

Monday, June 21

Bloggers, I Need Your Help.

As some of you may already know, I baru jer start doing my BBA (Hons) Management with Multimedia kat Multimedia University [MMU], Cyberjaya. All the blabberings on me masuk-ing MMU can be read in my few last posts. Although it weren't on the details of why, how, when and yadda-yadda-yadda of me getting into MMU . . .  there were some tid-bits on this and that of the university.

Okay, that's that with MMU. Last week on 18th June, the result of Unit Pusat Universiti [UPU] came out. And kalau korang have been reading my blog from January, korang akan tahu yang saya actually ada apply for UPU. Tak tahu ? Takpe . . . You can read the 'details' here and here.

Click on the image for a better and larger view.

Sunday, June 20

Advice : Jangan Miss Orientation [Part 2].

As I've told you in my Part 1 of advice, the orientation week was absolutely an intro to this & that. But this & that itu larh yang sebenarnya penting untuk seseorang student atau colleague baru untuk tahu. Mengapa ? Kalau korang ingin sesi pembelajaran korang go smoothly, it's best to know this & that of the school, college, university,  or workplace yang korang akan join. Bukan ?
As you all already know from my Part 1 of advice, me and my friends missed our orientation week at MMU. And we definitely regretted having to miss it. Why ? Sebabnya, there was a lot of perkara yang diajar during the orientation week yang perlu diketahui oleh kitaorang to have an easier campus life at MMU.

Friday, June 18

Advice : Jangan Miss Orientation [Part 1].

Assalamualaikum and salam satu Malaysia to all readers of SakiraLicious. Another day of me blogging. Aku tahu aku punya blogging period is all out already. Aku tahu aku dah tak constantly update like how I used to. Dah nama student . . . mesti larh busy, kan ? Cheh ! Ada orang miss me tak ? Heh ;)

Well, that's that. Berbalik kepada the topic above - jangan miss orientation. One advice daripada saya yang korang-korang kena ambil seriously. But, before that . . . what is orientation ? Atau dalam bahasa Malay, apa itu orientasi ?

Am I going to speak on sexual orientation ? Teeet ! No, sir !

Thursday, June 17

I Won Project Alpha Ruumz Daily Contest Thrice !

I know I've been missing from blogging world for almost a week. But I've been real busy with classes. It's just the second week of me studying and there are tons of homeworks and assignments to get started with. Who said uni-life was easy ? Heh !

So, back to the topic. I won Project Alpha's Ruumz daily contest not once, not twice but three times ! And it gave me the topic to blog about today. Yeah, I admit that I'm running out of ideas to blog. Sigh~

Saturday, June 12

I Made RM 280 From Project Alpha. Woot² !

That's right. You read the title itself . . . I made RM 280 just by participating in Project Alpha's instant cash blogging. Alhamdulillah. Happy-happy, joy-joy ! Woot-wooooot ! Aku tahu aku sedang menggila as of for now. Heh ;)

Each week, Project Alpha gave a new topic to blog about, and I got RM 20 credited into my Nuffnang account just by doing a blog post on the topic. Easy-peasy, and it was guaranteed as well ! Seriously.

Friday, June 11

A Quick Update.

Lama gak kan saya menghilang ? Dah nampak lima ekor spiders dah in my blog tadi. Bersawang habis SakiraLicious sebab tak update blog for 5 days in a row. Cheh !

Terima kasih bebanyak to all those yang sudi singgah when I wasn't around. Seriously, thank you ! I really-really appreciate korang dropping by my blog once in a while. Again, thanx :)

Saturday, June 5

Kontest Nak Menang Blackberry.

Ingat tak in my earlier entry I ada mention tentang wanting to join a contest ? Contest yang memang dah lama nak join dah, tapi tak terjoin-join sebab busy. Well people, this is it ! Contest nak menang Blackberry yang dianjurkan oleh Toh Tuan Tanah [TTT] who blogs at

The syarat-syarat of this contest is real easy. Tangkap 3 gambar melakonkan watak Abe, TTT and diri sendiri memegang signboard website For further details do drop by here.

I tried thinking of many ideas to join this contest. Really. But fail kott. TTT suruh posing maut, I cannot larh. Haha ! I berani nak membuat banner maut jer. Kononnya larh. The picture below is my attempt on joining the contest.

Click on the image for a better larger view.

Thursday, June 3

Gimme Food On Flights.

Most flights pretty much serves you food to save off the grumbles. However, there are some flights that requires you to pay for food on your flight. This situation at times results in passengers starving their way to their respected destination. So, it is just safe for you to bring your own snacks on board the next time you fly somewhere.

Passengers flying on today's commercial airlines have decidedly better options when it comes to in-flight dining. Yet there are few topics more contentious than the quality of airline food. Ask any frequent flier, and you are more likely to be regaled with memories of mysterious meals than glowing reports of mouth-watering sky-high cuisine.

So, for me . . . gimme good food on flights ! Do a research, cook up good foods, serve to some testers and then you'll be on your way to being one of the top in-flight dining choices ! I'd love to have at least a hot and spicy cooked Maggie sup on flights once in a while. Imagine the cold flight you're boarding and the hotness of your meal served in front of you. Yummy !

Funky UX Force ; Not A Surprise.

From Top 9 to Top 8 and the crew that left from Showdown 2010 this week is Funky UX Force.

Among the strongest crews in Penang, Funky UX Force is captained by V-Ron, whom, together with Bryan, run D-Vol Studio, where the crew trains and continue their mission to spread street dancing around the island.

Wednesday, June 2

Top 9 Song List Of Showdown 2010.

Are you a fan of 8TV's Showdown 2010 ? Well, good for you because you've found a fanatic fan of Showdown 2010 here at SakiraLicious. Yes, people ! Gua minat sangat sama itu Showdown 2010. Have been watching it for quite a while now, tapi tak terblogging about it just yet.

Just to let yall know, we know last week the group yang disingkirkan from Top 10 of Showdown 2010 was Feasible Crew. Leaving 9 more crews to battle on the stage ; Funky UX Force, Soul Krazy, Return Crew, Wakaka Crew, Famous Crew, Floor Fever, Borneo Soul Breakers, Giller Battle Crew & HMC Phlow.

Was penyingkiran Feasible Crew a good move ? I wouldn't exactly say yes, sebab I saw a lot of potential dari diaorang last week during the battles. And to be honest, there were 2 crews yang tak berapa nak layak bila dicompare with Feasible Crew. Who are they ? Go figure.

Tuesday, June 1

Well, Hello June !

Close, buka, close, buka mata [aiyak, sounds so weird !] dah masuk bulan June dah pun. Gonna be a real hectic one, I can foresee. Sebab ? Dah nak sambung belajar. Sigh~ Hopefully everything turns out well !

Cakap pasal nak sambung belajar, I haven't got my butt to MMU to register yet. No one at home is free to bring me there. And I'm not allowed to go there alone sebab my father nak follow along with his friend. Dorang nak tau one-two-hundred things about MMU. Adoiyaiii !