Tuesday, August 31

Effects Of Computer Addiction.

I'm supposed to write approximately 250 words, and this essay is about 504 words. I should learn how to cut down the words. Heh ! ;)

It is undeniable that the computer has become an essential gadget for daily lives of every human being. The Internet is an absolute necessity for both adults and children. It is impossible to believe to do anything without the Internet, especially from the youth’s perspective. Youths today spend too much time on the computer, surfing the Internet for hours. Some have become much too addicted and don’t realize that they actually suffer from Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD). Let’s have a look at how computers directly have effects upon youths nowadays.

Thursday, August 26

So, Please Shut Up.

Memang ramai, ramai yang suka masuk campur apabila sedang tengok dua or more people berlaga-ing. Seriously, ramai. And for me . . . I tak suka these type of people.

Sometimes, diaorang hanya pandang dari satu sudut pandangan dan tidak menghiraukan the other. And diaorang kononnya nak jadi the savior of the situation and mengambil tindakan untuk menjadi orang tengah to solve the problem.

Aku memang akan naik angin bila this kinda thing happens. Sebab . . . they don’t know the real situation, so why the f*** they just can’t shut up ?

Wednesday, August 25

Cell Phones Among University Students.

Hey-hey, people . . . I'm here once again ! And lagi sekali aku ingin meng-post an essay I did. Kalau before this I did an entry on descriptive essay, kali ini aku buat argumentative essay pula. Aku harap, these essays in one way or another will be beneficial for you people out there. AND, kalau ada silap and salah in my essays, tolong tegur yer ? I like it that way ;)

It is undeniable that the cell phones have become an essential gadget for daily lives of every human being. The cell phone is an absolute necessity for both adults and children. It is impossible to believe to do anything in life without cell phones, even for students. However, the use of cell phones among university students should be controlled because it leads to distractions, misusage and peers pressure.

Wednesday, August 18

Coca Cola, An Unintended Invention.

During one of my class at UIA, I was given a task to write an essay about accidental invention. I had to do some background research on any product considered as an unintentionally invented invention into this world and write about it with my own words. Since aku tak boleh nak fikir nak update apa in my blog, I decided ; "Hey, why not I just post an essay I did ?!" Heh ! ;)

It is fascinating to know that the discovery of Coca Cola, one of the prominent soft drinks known today, is invented unintentionally into this world. Initially formulated as a tonic to cure almost everything, the invention of Coca Cola by John Pemberton crawled its way to fame.

Tuesday, August 17

I Love You Mommy, But You Don't Love Me.

Hi, Mommy. I'm your baby. You don't know me yet as I'm only a few weeks old. You're going to find out about me real soon though, I promise. Let me tell you some things about me. My name is John, and I've got beautiful brown eyes and black hair. Well, I don't have it yet, but I will when I'm born.

Friday, August 13

Well, Hello August !

Okay, it's already thirteen days since August started. AND it's been almost twenty days of SakiraLicious without a fresh post. I know, I know . . . memang dah bersawang dah this blog. Perhaps I should just close it down ? Sigh~

Time flies by REAL fast. Without me knowing, there's only another 4 more months left for 2011. Without me knowing, it's already the third day of Ramadhan. Without me knowing, July have ended and I didn't blog much at all !