Saturday, July 24

When I Rarely Blog.

When I rarely blog, it means I am busy.
When I rarely blog, it means my blog will not be updated.
When I rarely blog, it means my visitors will be dropping down - low, low, low.
When I rarely blog, it makes me become lazier to blog. Sigh~

Hey² readers. I'm here once again. To blog what I have in my kepala otak at the moment. I know it t's been a long time, really long time ... But, hey ! I'm a handful UIA student now.

Actually, nak cakap there's a lot of homeworks or assignments, takde larh. It's just the wireless connection at my hostel in UIA - sucks ! Lembap gila vavi nak mampus. Resulting me to malas to mencari port to mengonline and memblog. Heh ;)

Sunday, July 11

Ta'aruf Week At IIUM.

Basically, the word ta'aruf brings the meaning of bersilaturrahim activity. If we come acquainted with a new person, we will get to know him or her during our first interaction. To put it short, we berkenalan with the other person.

Ta'aruf week can be simply defined as an orientation program for new students who enrolls to International Islamic University Malaysia [IIUM].

Budak hingusan IIUM.

SakiraLicious ; Not Blogging Anymore.

I know, I know. Aku dah lama gila tak update blog. Officially, seven straight days without an entry to keep my blog alive. BUT, I have my own reasons why I didn't update. Why I couldn't update.

Referring back to my earlier post, I've made my decision to leave MMU for UIAM [IIUM] as there were a lot of encouragement words from family members, relatives, lecturers and friends to do so. Anyways, thanq Sir Marcello and Eyriqazz for your concern on my decision making. I really appreciate them.

Saturday, July 3

I Hate Pink.

Seriously, I sort of hate the color pink. My favorite color is purple. Followed by black, white, green, red and orange. AND some other colors. Pink is my very least favorite.

Why, Ohh Why Brazil ?!

Brazil were knocked out of the World Cup after a 2-1 loss to Netherlands. Sigh~

Friday, July 2

GengBlogger & Kumbang.

All pengguna tegar GengBlogger mesti dah tahu yang GengBlogger recently changed their wajah. The changes, however, left some pengguna setia GengBlogger wondering how to ping their entry, why they couldn't ping their entry and what not. Sama jer macam aku time I came across the new look.

Well, I decided to share a little something which I think may be a help to you, users of GengBlogger. The idea to type this entry popped out when I was trying to help out Kumbang on his/her GengBlogger issue. Anyways, sharing is caring. Right ?

Thursday, July 1

I Don't Care.

Inspired by Budak Hitam, inspired by Fall Out Boy ; I think I just don't care anymore. I think it's time for me to find happiness in misery. LOL !

Well, Hello July !

Time really does run fast these days. And so I hope for the next four years to come. For your information [those who've been reading my blog frequently], I've stopped MMU to join UIAM. I made my final decision after many consultation with family members, lecturers, counselors and friends.

I am still unsure whether it is the best choice. But at least, I get to save about twenty thousand ringgit by not continuing my studies kat MMU.