Sunday, May 22

I've Lost My Touch.

What I wanted to do was to get that sense of being in touch with this lost world while holding onto what draws readers and audiences there in the first place.
Stephen Greenblatt

Tuesday, May 3

Obama Bin Laden. Haha!

Everyone was talking about the Royal Wedding, but hold your horses! Suddenly all eyes are on Obama bin Laden. Whoopsie. Osama, gomen.

Saturday, April 30

New Blogger In Town.

That's what I feel like right now. A new blogger in blogosphere. Bapak lama aku tak post entry dowh! And since it's been a damn long while, aku dah tak tau macam mana nak post entry dah! Pfft.

But, cluelessness shouldn't be an excuse. Kan? I mean, afterall, the time when I started blogging - I was no pro. No sir! Bila tengok balik my older posts, whoaaa, what a joke! Heh ;)

Wednesday, March 30

Wednesday, March 9

Special Toilet For SheMale?

Believe it or not, there's a lot of 3rd gender like people at IIUM a.k.a UIAM. And as I've mentioned in my earlier post, the issue of recognizing the 3rd gender was raised here. Buat aku, aku rasa pelik sesangat macam mana isu sebegini dibiarkan discussed openly at an Islamic IPTA. Heh !

Thursday, March 3

It's Time For Malaysia To Recognize 3rd Gender.

An interesting issue it is. BUT, is it a must for Malaysian's to recognize the 3rd gender ? I mean, seriously ?

The term third gender and third sex describes individuals who are categorized (by their will or by social consensus) as neither male nor female.

Source - Wikipedia.

Wednesday, March 2

I ♥ Procrastinating.

Yes. I'm not ashamed to admit I love to procrastinate. I love to postpone what I should be doing. I am a procrastinator.

I know when is the deadline for an assignment or date for a test. I always meet the required deadline for the assignment and prepare myself for the tests ... but somehow rather I wait until the very last minute to get it started with. Procrastination.

Thursday, February 10

Movie | Shaolin.

Shaolin is officially one of the best movie I've watched so far as of this year. Seriously. Khurafat was no where near the satisfaction that Shaolin gave me. Yes, I watched Khurafat.

Friday, February 4

Boys To Men.

This is an entry of my favorite child actors and singers who eventually have grown up to leading men. Funny how some of em' don't look like how they used to be. Some are looking hotter than ever, some are . . . Well, I'll leave the sentence hanging.

Macaulay Culkin

Thursday, February 3


Getting married is one of the essential practice done worldwide from the past itself. It is said that men and women all over the world are destined to live together. However, divorce rates are increasing these days. It is believed to be the only solution when a husband and wife face’s a problem. The main cause of divorce is for the reason that the married couples are in lack of communication, thus, the couple’s splits-up and this directly have an effect on their children’s life.

Wednesday, February 2

What Am I Doing ?

Kadang-kadang I keep asking myself this question - what am I doing ? Baik in blogging, studying or life . . . my momentum is always not there to focus on it. Nak blog, no mood. Nak study, no mood. Nak do house chores or sama waktu dengannya pun --- no mood.

Monday, January 24

Buffered Earnings As Of 2010.

For those who have been reading my posts or at least surfing my blog, must've realised - my blog has officially turned a years old ever since January came. Aku agak sedih tak buat an entry saying my blog already cecah a year. Pffft. To hell with it. Bukannya penting pun. Kan ?

But anyways, entry ini bukannya untuk mengumumkan SakiraLicious has officially turned a years old. Though, I kinda already did. Heh ! This post is like one of my personal recordings. I've decided to take a trip down memory lane with Nuffnang ... As my title suggest it, these are the buffered earnings I've received as of 2010.

Friday, January 14

Gaining Momentum.

I'm awake, but my brain is literally still . . . sleeping. Pelik, bukan ?

I'm having my Test 1 on Financial Accounting Fundamentals (FAF) today . . . I believe I've studied not hard enough malam semalam. I only stayed awake till 4 in the morning doing some exercises, and had a small nap for 4 hours after that. Ohh wait, you don't call that as nap already ! But anyways, this 4 hours nap a.k.a sleep is not enough for me. Just yet.

Wednesday, January 12

Be Ready - Facebook Akan Berakhir Pada 15 Mac !

Okay, aku rasa mesti korang-korang di luar sana telah mendengar the rumor about Facebook [FB] ending on March 15th. The news is spreading fast in FB, shared by my friends & colleagues.

Tuesday, January 4

Download In Progress - Magika.

It's been a while since I last downloaded a movie. And hari ini for some unknown reason, I tergerak nak download Magika. A movie I wanted to watch when it first released at the cinema . . . tapi disebabkan halangan yang tak dapat nak dielakkan - I didn't get to watch it. Heh !

Saturday, January 1

Happy² New Year !

Okay, theoretically speaking - this is not my new year. Or to put it more straight - this is not Muslim's new year. Our new year has already passed on 7 December 2010. Kan ?