Saturday, December 18

Top 3 Irresistible Lyrics Of 2010.

All of us mesti ada suka a certain song at a certain time. And bila kita dah tersuka terlebih of a particular song, we start singing it. And bila kita tak tahu the lyrics of the song, we start searching for it. This is the kononnya top 3 irresistible lyrics yang dicari oleh fans for their favorite songs through search engines.

And the second runner up is . . . [DRUM BEATS]

What Berry Are You ?

KepohBerry ? KiamsapBerry ? NoobBerry ? What berry do you think you are ? Play the fun quiz today and stand a chance to win a limited edition BlackBerry exclusively from DiGi. Share with your friends what berry are you on your Facebook and check out tons of other Cute Berry Characters ! For further info, do visit this site.

Tuesday, December 14

Of Tiredness And Stress.

I am extremely tired. Kind of stressed out too. Bukan sebab blog, but because of my studies. The timetable I made last time, didn't workout properly. Gotta add and drop some subjects. Banyak gila benda have to sort out. Sabar je larh. Pfft.

Sunday, December 12

I'm Already Missing Home.

It's time for me to get going to hostel. My second home for now. Boleh tak aku nak stay kat rumah jer ? Pfft.

I Need More Holidays.

I like my traffic for the past few days. I berjaya maintain more than 50 unique visitors each day.

Ohh, baru above 50 UV's dah nak berlagak. PUH-LEEEASE ! Actually aku happy dengan diri aku. I didn't do any blog-walking [tiada mood ever since I entered U], but yet aku dapat a traffic yang agak memuaskan. Bagi aku larh.

Saturday, December 11

My Blogging Mood Is GONE.

For unknown reasons, my mood for blogging is decreasing day by day. I have many drafts, tapi aku rasa malas sangat nak finish it up and seterusnya mempublishkan the post. I have something, BUT, I do nothing about it. Sigh~

Friday, December 10

SakiraLicious & Pakatan Blogger.

Hey, readers ! Today, I am going to share with you a very brand new site which is created by a blogger for bloggers. PakatanBlogger, created by Melz is the one pit stop for you to find or share any kind of tutorials you may want or have. Find what you want, share what you have.

PakatanBlogger adalah suatu komuniti yang dibina oleh blogger kepada blogger dan masyarakat malaysia. Niche untuk web ini adalah berunsur Tutorial iaitu cara membuat sesuatu berkenaan dengan Komputer, Kecantikan, Photography, Memasak, Blog, Photoshop, Editing, dan macam-macam lagi.

Source : PakatanBlogger.

Tuesday, December 7

Senior Citizens Can Have Fun Too !

In young people's minds, usia tua bersamaan dengan declining health, fikiran lemah dan ketidakmampuan untuk menikmati hidup. This is not necessarily true. No, sir ! It's not called the golden years for nothing as it promises kebebasan, ketenangan minda and undeniably fun-filled days.

Giveaway Domain Dari Sumijelly & Sekilass.

I'm not really after-ing a domain right now for my blog. Al-maklumlah blog ini baru nak masuk setahun jagung. Entry pun biasa-biasa jer, tak special mana pun. I was thinking, maybe after 3 years or so baru nak buy a domain.

But then kan, apa salahnya kalau ku mencuba nasib untuk dapatkan a free domain. Right ?

Monday, December 6

DiGi Youth K-Pop Live Party 2011.

Best news ever if you are a super fan of Korean Pop [K-Pop], better if you are already a huge fan of Beast, 4Minute and G.Na ! If you think flying to Korea just to be a paparazzi of any of your favourite K-Pop artists is too much, thanks to DiGi, you get to catch some of the K-Pop artist live in Malaysia, and be the first to get your passes ! For further info, do visit this site.

Sunday, December 5

Awesome Promo By Celcom Exec.

Staying connected has never been this easy. Get updates on work and leisure while on the go with the new Celcom BlackBerry Bold 9780 and BlackBerry Torch 9800 promotion. Receive emails from your personal and businnes accounts, browse through your favourite sites and stay in contact via instant messaging, mobile calls and so much more ! For further info, do visit this site.

Saturday, December 4

New Zealand, The Youngest Country.

Legend has it that New Zealand was fished from the sea. Fact has it that New Zealand was the last land mass on earth to be discovered, making New Zealand the youngest country on earth.

Thursday, December 2

Upin, Ipin Strengthen Two Countries.

The Upin and Ipin series are indeed very popular. Not only in Malaysia, but it also captured the hearts of many in almost all over the world since the show began airing on Disney Channel last year.

Wednesday, December 1

Well, Hello December !

Time flies so fast. November has left us with December. And in another 30 days to come, we'll enter a brand new year. And in another 30 days to come, SakiraLicious will turn a years old. Sedar tak sedar, I've officially blogged for almost a year.