Friday, September 10

Well, Hello September !

Wake me up when September ends . . . *Tetiba*

Another month has passed by . . . and the prestasi of my blog is going down-down-down ! Need I need to repeat myself ? Sigh~

The post in my blog for last month is only 6. And the post for July was only 8. !@#$%^&*. Semakin lama, semakin merosot blog aku ini. WHAT AM I TO DO ?!

It's the 10th of September already, and this is my very first post as of this month. What am I to say, I am thaaaat busy. NOT !

Well, the new approach that I've taken to keep my blog lively is by posting essays I've done. Kalau bukan for those essays, aku rasa blog ini memang takkan ada post langsung KOT ! Adoyaiii. But then again . . .WHAT AM I TO DO ?! 

I will try-try-try to keep this blog (like) really alive. Enam pun enam larh. I will, InsyaAllah, not let myself to do less than five posts per month. I'll try my best. BUT, no promises made. Heh ;)

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1 comment:

Aniki Eddie said...

hehe.. semoga berjaya dan tidak putus asa dalam blogging! jadikan hobby mesti tak going down your blog..