Thursday, March 3

It's Time For Malaysia To Recognize 3rd Gender.

An interesting issue it is. BUT, is it a must for Malaysian's to recognize the 3rd gender ? I mean, seriously ?

The term third gender and third sex describes individuals who are categorized (by their will or by social consensus) as neither male nor female.

Source - Wikipedia.
It's kinda hard for me to accept the 3rd gender for unknown reasons. I do have some 'girl' friends who are pengkid's. And I have to admit it - sometimes, I feel awkward around them. I try to accept 'her', but it's just hard.

Mengalahkan perempuan !

How can one choose to be bapok or pengkid ? I mean, seriously ! Lelaki, lelaki larh - perempuan, perempuan larh ! Bukan begitu ? I kinda hate hearing the bullshit - "God has put me in the wrong body" ... How lame is that, kan ?

The Law student's society is organizing a debate on this issue. I'm really curious who's gonna stand up for the 3rd gender in the debate. And for that reason, I'm attending it ! For those from IIUM out there, let's join ourselves in this interesting debate, shall we ?


Anonymous said...

Nice post

BeaN MorENo said...

what da... do they got anything called brain

mamashikin said...

pic boleh thn..hee

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Amin said...

This is so disgusting, I'm not a homophobic but anti-homo so I would kill this kind of people, so if you got to see my face stay away, I would beat you to death, bunch of fucking homos!!