Saturday, April 30

New Blogger In Town.

That's what I feel like right now. A new blogger in blogosphere. Bapak lama aku tak post entry dowh! And since it's been a damn long while, aku dah tak tau macam mana nak post entry dah! Pfft.

But, cluelessness shouldn't be an excuse. Kan? I mean, afterall, the time when I started blogging - I was no pro. No sir! Bila tengok balik my older posts, whoaaa, what a joke! Heh ;)

Aku blog ikut suka aku. That's why I blog when I have the mood. Tapi, benci pulak tengok blog bersawang macam ini. Post berapa kerat je. Baik tutup terus my blog ni, betul tak? Haish.

I'm not giving up. NOT GIVING UP. This is my blog! I have to keep it alive. & I will. InshaAllah. As of now, I'll try my best to gain my momentum to start blogging back frequently. I'm coming back, are you ready? Heh ;)

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Judiene said...

Yeah, we're ready to rock the world with you.