Thursday, April 17

Dormitories. Yay Or Nay?

Should first-year students be required to live in the dormitories?

Dormitories are living facilities designed to accommodate students during their studying years at their respected school, college or university. However, not all students are keen to stay in the provided housing due to the many rules and regulations that they should abide during their stay there. In my opinion, first-year university students should be required to live in dormitories in order for them to get used to the new environment and to learn to stand on their own feet.

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New environments are typically hard to be adapted by anyone at all. Generally, when a student firstly enters a university it will take some time for them to make new friends, to adapt to the different learning system, and to learn about the rules and regulations there is. In order to adapt with all these fresh surroundings, students should be required to live in the dormitories. This is because they can use their free time during their stay in their respected dormitories to form new friends and learn what’s necessary.

Normally, a student whom freshly enters a university is probably unprepared to face any kind of difficult situation. This is because these types of students are pampered at their own residence and place of origin. In spite of this, when a student enrolls into a university, they will eventually learn to stand on their own two feet as their parents and family members wouldn’t be around to help them. Concisely, first-year students should be required to live in the dormitories as they will learn how to be independent rather than dependent.

In a nutshell, students should be required to live in the dormitories as they will learn to become accustomed to different environment and discover how to be independent. Although there is a negative aspect to staying in dormitories such as being influenced by others and getting involved with immoral activities, students should realize that it is a part of learning process in life that an individual has to go through in order to be fully prepared for the future.

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