Wednesday, August 25

Cell Phones Among University Students.

Hey-hey, people . . . I'm here once again ! And lagi sekali aku ingin meng-post an essay I did. Kalau before this I did an entry on descriptive essay, kali ini aku buat argumentative essay pula. Aku harap, these essays in one way or another will be beneficial for you people out there. AND, kalau ada silap and salah in my essays, tolong tegur yer ? I like it that way ;)

It is undeniable that the cell phones have become an essential gadget for daily lives of every human being. The cell phone is an absolute necessity for both adults and children. It is impossible to believe to do anything in life without cell phones, even for students. However, the use of cell phones among university students should be controlled because it leads to distractions, misusage and peers pressure.

The main reason why university students should be prohibited in using the cell phones is the distraction it causes. Ringing tones and text messaging (SMSes) are some of the disruption that takes the students attention away from the lesson. Students would not be able to resist the temptation of answering calls and sending messages when they should be actually listening to the lecturer and focusing in classes.

Apart from distracting student’s attention, the cell phones can threaten the validity of school examinations. Students may cheat during examinations by means of text messages. Information or answers can be passed from one student to the next while examiners may be totally unaware of the cheating which is happening.

Peers pressure is another reason why the usage of cell phones by university students should be controlled. Cell phones come in a variety shapes, models, colors, and function from generic ones to highly sophisticated. Not every student in the university can afford to buy a stylish cell phone. The feelings of those who do not own a cell phone or who own a basic one will be affected. This would lead to jealousy and hatred as the students might want to compete with each other.

Cell phones never the less can also bring benefits to students if it is used in the proper way. If the cell phones are used appropriately it can bring more advantages than disadvantages. In conclusion, the use of cell phones among university students should be controlled because it leads to distractions, misusage, and peers pressure.

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kaizen shinobi said...

tersangat2 setuju~ but, for me, usage of cellphone will be the function of it.

Its easy and come and handy if have multiple function

Not the Iphone, for me iphone is just another phone for 'orang kaya'.

sebab kalau nak enjoy the full function of it, must have money, if not, Its just a waste to have an Iphone.

I prefer nokia or sony.multifunction. Wahaa!

macam terkeluar topic jeh~ ngehahah

zida said...

bestnye gaya bahasa. zida x reti la nak buat camni. kompem la x exempted kang. huhuhuu

Hazzy Ishak said...

hazzy rasa kan, ramai student oversea ada iphone. mungkin loan byk sgt kot, tak tahu nak spend kat mana, so beli iphone lah kan.