Friday, August 13

Well, Hello August !

Okay, it's already thirteen days since August started. AND it's been almost twenty days of SakiraLicious without a fresh post. I know, I know . . . memang dah bersawang dah this blog. Perhaps I should just close it down ? Sigh~

Time flies by REAL fast. Without me knowing, there's only another 4 more months left for 2011. Without me knowing, it's already the third day of Ramadhan. Without me knowing, July have ended and I didn't blog much at all !

But ohh well, I can only blame myself for leaving my blog unattended. Aku bukannya sengaja. I seriously got no time and no WAY of accessing proper Internet at UIA. And bila aku dah boleh online kat rumah pula, I have no mood to blog. I have no idea on what to blog about. Like I've claimed in my previous entry.

Everytime aku dah boleh online, I open up my blog. I baca entries from the blogs I follow. I comment some of the posts like. I tengok one or two comments left by visitiors for me. And memang ada yang tegur, why dah lama tak write. Well . . . I'm a busy lady. NOT ! ;)

I will try and try and try to keep my blog alive. And, InsyaAllah, I will find the time to do so. Maybe not frequently, but once in a while.

OMG ! Aku baru realize . . . this is my very first post for August !

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amie said...

happy ramadhan.. :) said...

happy fasting..

erk napa takde mood?? dah bosan ke dgn blog..hasil dah kurang ek?