Saturday, July 24

When I Rarely Blog.

When I rarely blog, it means I am busy.
When I rarely blog, it means my blog will not be updated.
When I rarely blog, it means my visitors will be dropping down - low, low, low.
When I rarely blog, it makes me become lazier to blog. Sigh~

Hey² readers. I'm here once again. To blog what I have in my kepala otak at the moment. I know it t's been a long time, really long time ... But, hey ! I'm a handful UIA student now.

Actually, nak cakap there's a lot of homeworks or assignments, takde larh. It's just the wireless connection at my hostel in UIA - sucks ! Lembap gila vavi nak mampus. Resulting me to malas to mencari port to mengonline and memblog. Heh ;)

Anyways, bila aku dah balik ke rumah, I'm supposed to blog. Like how I've promised in my previous entry ... right ? BUT, aku tak dapat nak cari the momentum to memblog. Writer's block, perhaps ?

Well, I do hope this writer's block punya problem will be gone real soon. Aku seriously tak suka biar my blog bersawang long enough without any fresh posts. InsyaAllah, I will blog once in a while. No promises ... but I will !

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Eyriqazz said...

good come first..just nak inform keputusan pemenang contest hadiah birthday alisya telah diumumkan...bleh check sini:

kaizen shinobi said...

ngeh3.... now you understand what we've been through all these years... heheh

err.. i'm suggesting you use broadband it is come and handy.. ahaks~

eyriqazz said...

salam sakira,

nanti jangan lupa e-mailkan details untuk hadiah contest birthday untuk alisya tu ya