Friday, December 10

SakiraLicious & Pakatan Blogger.

Hey, readers ! Today, I am going to share with you a very brand new site which is created by a blogger for bloggers. PakatanBlogger, created by Melz is the one pit stop for you to find or share any kind of tutorials you may want or have. Find what you want, share what you have.

PakatanBlogger adalah suatu komuniti yang dibina oleh blogger kepada blogger dan masyarakat malaysia. Niche untuk web ini adalah berunsur Tutorial iaitu cara membuat sesuatu berkenaan dengan Komputer, Kecantikan, Photography, Memasak, Blog, Photoshop, Editing, dan macam-macam lagi.

Source : PakatanBlogger.
I am still a newbie in blogging. BUT, it wouldn't hurt to share what I have with others, kan ? So far I've posted two entries in PakatanBlogger. An intro and a tutorial.

Don't think there is no benefit for you when you join PakatanBlogger . . . Bila korang share your tutorials there, you will directly get a link back to your blog. In other words, you are actually generating traffic for your blog. Tak percaya ? I got solid proof dowh !

Haa, this is only my first day there and I've already got 5 hits. Thanq PakatanBlogger.

P.S : Blogging in PakatanBlogger is a challenge to me. Cause in there I'll try to blog fully in Malay. Dah tagline PakatanBlogger “Komuniti Tutorial Malaysia” . . . if I blog in English, dah macam lari pula. Heh ! ;)

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