Tuesday, December 7

Giveaway Domain Dari Sumijelly & Sekilass.

I'm not really after-ing a domain right now for my blog. Al-maklumlah blog ini baru nak masuk setahun jagung. Entry pun biasa-biasa jer, tak special mana pun. I was thinking, maybe after 3 years or so baru nak buy a domain.

But then kan, apa salahnya kalau ku mencuba nasib untuk dapatkan a free domain. Right ?

Haa, this is a contest yang dianjurkan oleh Sumijelly and Sekilass. The requirements to participate in this giveaway contest is easy as ABC. All I gotta do is tell why I want a domain and tag three people. That's it. Senang, bukan ?

My reason why I want a domain is dumb and I guess it's a bit straight to the point. It'll be cool to have sakiralicious.com instead of sakiralicious.blogspot.com. Ada faham ? Kalau tak faham, buat-buat faham jer. Heh !

Tiga orang yang di-tag to join this giveaway [optional] :
I'm most of the time unlucky. So, I doubt it I akan dapat this free domain. LOL.

Ad : Don't forget to join contest Hidup Untuk Memberi. Hadiah Acer Aspire One untuk 2 orang pemenang. Tarikh tutup - 31 Dec 2010. Hurry up and join now !


Cik Norfa said...

hadiah misteri untuk anda
Keputusan Hadiah Misteri

clement said...

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