Sunday, December 5

Awesome Promo By Celcom Exec.

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Leave the dull to the masses. With BlackBerry Bold 9780's, you're one of a kind. Its rich features and stylish look will make fans of even non-believers. Enjoy absolute savings with Celcom's BlackBerry smartphone packages to help you stay connect while you’re on the go! For further info, do visit this site.

Introducing the brand-new BlackBerry Torch 9800 into your life. With the best BlackBerry OS, an all-in-one design and a complete host of services, even the most routine tasks can turn into a dazzling experience. Celcom Exec will let you buy the blazing new BlackBerry Torch 9800 at an affordable price you can find nowhere else. For further info, do visit this site.

Rest assured that with Celcom, you get all the latest innovations and promotions to enhance your mobile experience. For further info, do visit this site.

Facts Courtesy : Celcom Exec BlackBerry.
Picture Courtesy : Google.

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Mknace said...


Mohamad Hakim said...

love the Bold..

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kelhome said...

dalam byk2 model tu. model yg mana satu paling ok aa?

Sakira said...

@ Kelhome ; I rasa the Bold is better :)