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What is humanitarian? Humanitarian is, on the whole, an act connected with or seeking to promote human welfare. Basically, an individual who is devoted to the promotion of human wellbeing and the advancement of social improvements is deemed as humanitarian. There are a lot of other terms used as an alternative for humanitarian such as caring, kind, gentle, compassionate, civilized and charitable. Fundamentally, humanitarian is connected with the practice of saving lives, lessening suffering, and sustaining human dignity.

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Humanitarian is frequently related by way of responding promptly in relation to cases of natural disasters or man-made disasters, such as volcanic eruptions or war. The act of responding towards these underprivileged individuals, either globally or locally, is called as the humanitarian response. This mercy mission mostly shows unusual cooperation between individuals and nations which reveals the fact that the humanitarian gestures can sometimes assist in breaking down the barriers between individuals and nations that aren’t always on the best of terms.

Individuals perform humanitarian acts every single day in many forms. Humanitarian acts can happen at small, medium or even large scales. Internationally, people come together in organized groups to help provide for the needy, homeless, hungry and others in need of assistance across the world. For example, Mercy Malaysia is a non-profit organization focusing on providing medical relief, sustainable health related development and risk reduction activities for vulnerable communities in both crisis and non-crisis situations to Malaysians and non-Malaysians in need.

Food aid by Mercy Malaysia in Mogadishu.
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However, not all individuals are capable of being involved at the global level. Despite that, there are many ways in which a person can contribute to the humanitarian effort themselves, such as, donating money to a larger organization that helps people or assisting a disabled person. These simple deeds have the potential to greatly benefit the community and the people living there as it helps out fellow humans. Undeniably, the most important goal of individuals carrying out humanitarian acts is not to bring about revenue but to lend a hand to their fellow human beings.

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