Thursday, February 3


Getting married is one of the essential practice done worldwide from the past itself. It is said that men and women all over the world are destined to live together. However, divorce rates are increasing these days. It is believed to be the only solution when a husband and wife face’s a problem. The main cause of divorce is for the reason that the married couples are in lack of communication, thus, the couple’s splits-up and this directly have an effect on their children’s life.

Lack of communication is a regular problem in the daily life. It is said to be the core reason why divorce usually happens. For instance, some couples are often quiet when they have problems within themselves. As a result, the rage and emotions from these problems is thrown upon their partner resulting them into a huge fight. Besides that, couple’s may also face lack of communication due to the requirement of each other’s profession. They may not have the free time to communicate with one another due to the burden of work from their workplace. Consequently, providing them fewer time to understand each other better when settling an issue. The outcome of these two examples is the couples get divorced.

Most couples normally have children after they get married. Therefore, divorces can directly have an impact on the life of their children’s. Children’s are most of the time asked by the parents to choose to live with either one of them. These children’s more often than not faces problem in choosing their dad over their mom or their mom over their dad as they love both of them equally. When they could not make a decision, they decide to not live with either one of them and become homeless. These children’s are often deserted by the society as there is no one responsible towards them. They tend to become unemployed due to shortage of education and may grow to be violent or depressed.

To put it briefly, family is one of the most important parts in society. Hence, many people should be aware of the significance of relationship in family so that there won’t be any broken hearts and broken homes created. Men’s and women’s are supposed to think thoroughly before getting married as the rates of divorce continuously rise these days. Couples having children in their family should think deliberatively before ending their marriage to not make innocent children’s become victims of their unwise action.

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