Wednesday, February 2

What Am I Doing ?

Kadang-kadang I keep asking myself this question - what am I doing ? Baik in blogging, studying or life . . . my momentum is always not there to focus on it. Nak blog, no mood. Nak study, no mood. Nak do house chores or sama waktu dengannya pun --- no mood.

Argh. I need to gain momentum. Fast. Kalau tidak, I'm gonna screw up big time on my blog, my studies & my overall life for sure ! My first priority as of now is of course my studies. But I'm still in my honey moon period for it. PFFT !

Motivations, that's what I need !

Yup, motivations. PLEEEASE ! That's what I need to gain my momentum. & this post is like going to be one of my motivator to gain it. Yeah, for sure it is. January has been very less productive, let's hope February will be fab instead ! ;)

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