Thursday, February 10

Movie | Shaolin.

Shaolin is officially one of the best movie I've watched so far as of this year. Seriously. Khurafat was no where near the satisfaction that Shaolin gave me. Yes, I watched Khurafat.

Anyways, back to Shaolin ...
China is plunged into strife as feuding warlords try to expand their power by warring over neighboring lands. Fuelled by his success on the battlefield, young and arrogant Hao Jie sneers at Shaolin’s masters when he beats one of them in a duel. But the pride comes before a fall. When his own family is wiped out by a rival warlord, Hao is forced to take refuge with the monks. As the civil unrest spreads and the people suffer, Hao and the Shaolin masters are forced to take a fiery stand against the evil warlords. They launch a daring plan or rescue and escape.

Source: KungFu Online.
The actors and actress are some of the best in the business : Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse, Wu Jing, Fan Bingbing and Jackie Chan. Ohh, yes. There was Jackie. But his appearance in Shaolin is really just a guest appearance.

Overall, I loved the movie. The explosions and special effects were impressive. But I really felt sorry for the horses in it, asyik being pushed over and generally collapsing in most scenes. Penderaan haiwan ! Pfft.

Some would say the first hour of the movie was a little bit dragging. The director could have cut the story short and just reach to the main point already ... BUT, in my opinion, if you want to get the max satisfaction out of a movie - you got to be fed all the additional details there should and could be. So, that was exactly how Shaolin was for me. All the necessary details were there, very nicely placed. Though the ending was a little bit rushed up.

My rating for this movie - 9/10.

I've had my review. Macam mana you ? ;)


kyo_9 said...

hmm.. at the moment, IMDB rated 7/10 for this movie.. looking at the trailer, the movie is kinda interesting; might watch it in the future.. thanks!

Ungu said...

okay. i nevahh layan cite debush2 hiyaah hiyyah macam ni.

but u make me want to cuddle dgn bantal busuk n tengok cte shaolin. ;)

and yes, aku juga tengok khurafat. i know, rite? -__-

Sakira said...

@Kyo_9 : 7 is already more than half the score. The movie is really interesting. But then again, it all depends on the audience. I may have different taste than you and what not. So, don't be disappointed if it doesn't meet your expectations, yeah ? Hehe ;)

Sakira said...

@Ungu : Khurafat. They kind of derived their story line from a Thai's movie. Disappointed.

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

ah, havent seen this movie.

Btw, referring to your question on my blogpost, I'm using the ordinary point and shoot Lumix Camera, FS-62. hehe.. Thanks for liking my photos =)