Friday, February 4

Boys To Men.

This is an entry of my favorite child actors and singers who eventually have grown up to leading men. Funny how some of em' don't look like how they used to be. Some are looking hotter than ever, some are . . . Well, I'll leave the sentence hanging.

Macaulay Culkin

Aaron Carter

Frankie Muniz

I have more in mind. Tapi, cukup larh setakat tiga je. Heh ! There'll be a ladies version, next. KOTT. What about you; do you have a favorite actor who's all grown up now ?

Picture Courtesy : Google.


tikuzza said...

nice en3....haha teringat citer home alone bile tgk en3 ni....anyway da follow you...jgn lupe follow saye k (^^,)

Judiene said...

I used to love Frankie Muniz's acting but he is no longer active.
No new movies.
He's talented.

Sakira said...

@Tikuzza : Mmg time tgh buat this entry, Home Alone was in my thoughts. Nice movie it was, the first one especially :)

Sakira said...

@Judiene : I loved him too ! That's why he's in this entry. LOL.
But yeah, sayang, no new movies for him. Plus, he screwed himself up with too many social probs. Pfft.