Tuesday, January 4

Download In Progress - Magika.

It's been a while since I last downloaded a movie. And hari ini for some unknown reason, I tergerak nak download Magika. A movie I wanted to watch when it first released at the cinema . . . tapi disebabkan halangan yang tak dapat nak dielakkan - I didn't get to watch it. Heh !

I am not kedekut alright ! I'm sharing with you people where you can download Magika. It's a single file download - takde part-part. Leceh kalau gitu, bukan ? But . . . because the file is BIG, the time it takes to download pun agak long larh. Hehe ;)

[ HERE ]

Note : My mood to memblog is seriously down the drain already. Aku tak dapat nak fikir ! Writer's block ! Aaargh.


EmanCloud said...

yes!! thx sharing!

su said...

i follow u :)

Hasrol Nizam said...

baru download last week.. ok la ceritanya.. ada org ckap best./

♥ ieRa ♥ said...

dh download..tp xsempat tgk lagi