Friday, January 14

Gaining Momentum.

I'm awake, but my brain is literally still . . . sleeping. Pelik, bukan ?

I'm having my Test 1 on Financial Accounting Fundamentals (FAF) today . . . I believe I've studied not hard enough malam semalam. I only stayed awake till 4 in the morning doing some exercises, and had a small nap for 4 hours after that. Ohh wait, you don't call that as nap already ! But anyways, this 4 hours nap a.k.a sleep is not enough for me. Just yet.

Sebab ? I had a tiring week. An extremely tiring one. With assignments, quizzes and what-not. A normal adult should get about 8 hours sleep per day. And I realize, I never had one this whole week. Pfft !

Ohh well, kenapa tak sleep terus for 8 hours jer ? Why wake up when the test starts at 3 in the afternoon ? I need to study the theoretical part. Haven't sentuh on it yesterday (to be precise - earlier this morning) ; because, when I start reading jer . . . mengantuk. Haish !

So, what has my sleep got to do with gaining momentum ? Aku nak start study, but my brain is not ready for it yet. Gaining momentum is my perspective of myself when I am trying to do something but have not obtained the mood to do so. Pfft.

Did you know that brain restores its energy nightly ? Kiranya, my brain, currently, has not restored its energy fully yet lah. So, literally speaking, I am trying to gain my momentum. Heh !

Okay, stop with the yadda-yadda's already ! My brain has started functioning since I typed the first word in this post. NOW, I'm ready to continue balik my last minute studies. Heh !

Note : Wish me luck !


princeduyong said...

gudluck ok...all the best!

gooseberries said...


rajin2 study k.. :))