Monday, January 24

Buffered Earnings As Of 2010.

For those who have been reading my posts or at least surfing my blog, must've realised - my blog has officially turned a years old ever since January came. Aku agak sedih tak buat an entry saying my blog already cecah a year. Pffft. To hell with it. Bukannya penting pun. Kan ?

But anyways, entry ini bukannya untuk mengumumkan SakiraLicious has officially turned a years old. Though, I kinda already did. Heh ! This post is like one of my personal recordings. I've decided to take a trip down memory lane with Nuffnang ... As my title suggest it, these are the buffered earnings I've received as of 2010.

Yang dua kat bawah tu have been cashed out. Heh !
Amount ? Tak banyak pun.

What's the big deal with only 25 BE's, babe ?! ... Some of you may be wondering, kan ? Like I've mentioned above, this is my personal recordings. To see where my blog stands after a year of perfomance. PFFFT. Tu jer ?

Nahh. It's more than that. It's like a motivation to myself of to not blog aftering money. Let us focus on blogging, the money part - let it take it's own momentum. Sounds familiar ? Mesti larh ! Many bloggers out there dah blog about this dah kott ... Heh ;)

Okay, siapa tak tahu what is buffered earnings [BE] ? Sila angkat buntut sikalang ! You don't layak to be reading this post already. Pfft ;p

By right, all loyal Nuffnanger's must've heard of BE already, kan ? For newbies, just Google it up. There are one too many bloggers out there yang telah pun write out clearly what is buffered earning, how to get buffered earnings and so on.

Again I wanna mention, this is my personal recordings. Please anonymous, don't ambush on me ! XD


yuyu aziz said...

wahhhhh besntyeeee!!!! manyak BE wooo
congrats! :)

mind to visit my blog. tq :)

ZACK ENTRY said...

masyuk ni, boleh la belanja sikit..=)

amircina said...

passing2 la BE tu....hehehe..
leh passing2 ker? cam main bola plak...jom meh marik yuk gi bandar baru kijal...hihihi

**sHiKinn** said...

mcm mana la org leh dpt BE nih..heee..bnyak tuh BE awk..mesti masyukkk...tahniah