Saturday, January 1

Happy² New Year !

Okay, theoretically speaking - this is not my new year. Or to put it more straight - this is not Muslim's new year. Our new year has already passed on 7 December 2010. Kan ?

But ohh well, this new year yang selalu disambut lebih-lebih. This new year yang selalu digembar-gemburkan by all human race. The reason - EVERYONE'S celebrating it . . . why not us Muslim's ? Lebih kurang camtu kan ? Heh !

Okay². I don't want to berceramah terlebih sudah. To cut the story short - Happy 2010 to all readers of SakiraLicious. I wish all of you readers a great and prosperous year ahead.

Note : I'll be blogging again tomorrow, InshaAllah.

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kak Gie said...

you're right...tahun baru bagi org muslim ialah awal muharam hari tu...