Saturday, July 3

I Hate Pink.

Seriously, I sort of hate the color pink. My favorite color is purple. Followed by black, white, green, red and orange. AND some other colors. Pink is my very least favorite.

I'm surprised much why I've been doing a pink blog layout for SakiraLicious all this while. A sudden interest for pink ? No-no. It's too girly. Terlampau girly. Heh !

I'm in search for a new layout. Dah masuk bulan baru, layout pun kena baru larh ! Hehe. To tell the truth, I tak berapa nak satisfied with my current and previous blog layout. Tak tahu mengapa. So, to reach my satisfaction, I kena berusaha. Tweak the right background, the right header, the right font, the right color and such. Banyak kerja, kan ?

Anyways, I won't be doing this anywhere now. It will take some time. Maybe a long time. Orang dah nak masuk belajar kan . . . busy sikit. Heh !

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miss hav0c said...

its si pinky dear hahaha..but myb it just suits u..

hellioz said...

gwa pon xske pink
ex gwa suka dera gwa pakai baju pink
Macam lahanat!

MyaFiza said...

ya.. i noticed u tukar layout lagi. same with me. hehe.. tp yg sekarang ni ok. nampak kemas. n purple ni cantik. =)

nurfaiz shaidan said...


Haha, pink can be a nice colour kalau pandai blend dengan kaler-kaler lain. Hehe :)

♥cutebabygirl♥ said...

i love pink damn much! :D