Sunday, July 11

Ta'aruf Week At IIUM.

Basically, the word ta'aruf brings the meaning of bersilaturrahim activity. If we come acquainted with a new person, we will get to know him or her during our first interaction. To put it short, we berkenalan with the other person.

Ta'aruf week can be simply defined as an orientation program for new students who enrolls to International Islamic University Malaysia [IIUM].

Budak hingusan IIUM.

There were a lot of briefing given on important matters relating to us students. A lot of placement tests held to see where we stand. Overall, the ta'aruf week couldn't be skipped at any cost. Not only because of the importancy of the ta'aruf week, BUT, because we weren't allowed to. LOL !

In order to make sure none of us, 2300 news students, ponteng the ta'aruf week, we were given attendance sheet. Every time the committee members of the ta'aruf week conducts a briefing slot or any other activities during the ta'aruf week, we were given unique stickers to collect on the ta'aruf attendance sheet.

 The attendance sheet before finally submitting it.

This was to obviously make sure none of us ... NONE of us, to even consider the idea of ponteng-ing the ta'aruf week. I would say the strategy taken was a little childish. BUT, an effective one. Hands up to the commitee members !

Budak hingusan IIUM.

That's that. Ta'aruf has ended already. Classes will be starting this Monday. InsyaAllah, after I have set up the wireless connection at IIUM, I will be actively blogging like how I used to. And if I couldn't, I would make sure to come back home every Friday after class to do so. Heh ! ;)

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kaizen shinobi said...

welcome aboard! hehehe

i think i saw you at evoke cafe this afternoon... I am having my lunch at that time.. ahaks~

mus99 said...

Syabas & good luck

Eyriqazz said...

good luck with ur study...

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