Sunday, July 11

SakiraLicious ; Not Blogging Anymore.

I know, I know. Aku dah lama gila tak update blog. Officially, seven straight days without an entry to keep my blog alive. BUT, I have my own reasons why I didn't update. Why I couldn't update.

Referring back to my earlier post, I've made my decision to leave MMU for UIAM [IIUM] as there were a lot of encouragement words from family members, relatives, lecturers and friends to do so. Anyways, thanq Sir Marcello and Eyriqazz for your concern on my decision making. I really appreciate them.

Click on the image for a better and larger view.

I enrolled UIAM [IIUM] on the 4th of July. Starting 5th of July, my ta'aruf [orientation] period started. It ended on 9th of July at exactly 7 in the evening. And, THAT'S the reason why I wasn't able to blog. I was really hooked up with my ta'aruf period at UIAM [IIUM].

Honestly, I asyik teringat-ingat kat my blog during the ta'aruf period. BUT, I couldn't do anything about it. My ta'aruf period was really packed. We only had about 8 hours of sleep throughout the ta'aruf period. That's why I didn't blog on Friday night and Saturday. It was my resting time.

Anyways, I will continue blogging. Will never stop blogging, InsyaAllah. Readers of SakiraLicious, do drop by like you usually do, yeah ? Thanq in advance ;)

Thanq Eyriqazz for terjah-ing my blog on Thursday. You've boosted up my traffic from nothing to something.

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I n n z said...

junior i la neyh eh ?
hehe xP

BBA ke ?
same lah !

Anonymous said...

tahulah kemana anda menghilang wahai cik sakira oi...

good 4 u..
UIA ya? dat mean kamu dah buat keputusan..

all the best!!
hayatilah kehidupan di ipt...

Hasrol Nizam said...

at last UIAM ye. Semoga berjaya kat sana. I thought u are really gonna stop blogging..hehe

What you give, you get back (edisi worldcup 2010)

kaizen shinobi said...

innz hepy dapat junior baru... wahahahaha

well, aq salu lepak kat HS cafe... haha

ilyani said...

i was in same situation, sort of, back in 2002. mula2 pegi asasi sains UM, but after 1 month, dapat offer UPU - UIA (foundation). pikir punya pikir, I left UM and chose UIA, and I guess I didnt make a wrong decision :) both places have their own goodness (same in your case, MMU).. but I just followed what my heart said.

Enjoy your time in UIA, maybe they're a bit too "skema" there but if you know how to adapt yourself well in such intercultural bunch, it will definitely be the most unique experience that you wont find in any other local unis in M'sia :)

despite the fact that I used to whine alot about things back then, now I do miss uia still.. ehehe.

mus99 said...

Cari mentor yang betul, sistem yang betul dan usaha yang betul...