Thursday, July 1

Well, Hello July !

Time really does run fast these days. And so I hope for the next four years to come. For your information [those who've been reading my blog frequently], I've stopped MMU to join UIAM. I made my final decision after many consultation with family members, lecturers, counselors and friends.

I am still unsure whether it is the best choice. But at least, I get to save about twenty thousand ringgit by not continuing my studies kat MMU.

Cakap pasal pembelajaran, my blog will be definitely abandoned. There might be an entry or two posted once in a while for your santapan. But that's it. I wouldn't be how I used to be. As you can see, even when I masuk MMU, my blogging prestasi dropped.

That analytics shows just how serious I am towards my studies. LOL ! By the way, the traffic on 24 and 25 June was not because of blogwalking and such. It was because of the entries I wrote on 8TV Showdown 2010. I tulis untuk suka-suka, shared it on 8TV's Facebook fanpage, and people viewed. Not only that, the admin of 8TV's Facebook fanpage showed his/her appreciation by re-posting my link at their wall. I feel so honored. Thanx guys !

July, ohh July ! Please be nice to me. Good news, good news . . . fill up my ears, please !

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bh said...

i just remembered a post of mine ion pameran keranda di muzium negara..the curators dropped by..

sis, there in nice eh?? there are many bloggers I know..wakaka

Judiene said...

MMU yg dkt Hospital Seremban tu ke?
dulu i practical sana setahun