Saturday, November 20

Cartoons Do More Harm Than Good.

The question was : 'Cartoons do more harm than good. Do you agree or disagree?' And this was my essay . . .

There has never been a child who has not seen cartoons at all during their childhood time as watching cartoons are the most common way for them to pass their free time. Mickey Mouse, Flintstones, Tom & Jerry, Casper, and Scooby Doo were one of the many frequently watched cartoons in the late 90's. Little did the parents know that by allowing their children to watch lots of cartoons, they are actually bringing harm to their own children. Health disorders and bad influence are some of the effects that cartoons can have upon children.

As children watch cartoons, they tend to sit extremely close to the television or the computer, the source where the cartoons get aired from. And they do not know that the bright light coming out from either these screens will directly lead to eye problems. This is one of the health disorders that one can come across by watching too many cartoons. Other than this, some children are usually stuck in front of the television while watching their favorite toon. This will indirectly cause obesity to children as they do not do enough exercise and will have a tendency to feel lazy to do anything at all. As a result, watching too much cartoons can lead to health disorders.

Watching cartoons can also bring bad influence on children. Most cartoons nowadays are more action and adventure based such as Ben 10, Power Puff Girls, Totally Spies and Naruto. Some of these cartoons actually show excessive actions and fighting scenes which are too aggressive. As all of us already know, children tend to follow whatever they watch and learn from television. If this happens, most of the children will grow up in a violent atmosphere that can lead them to get involved in immoral activities such as fighting and bullying.
Obviously, cartoons can be harmful if they are watched constantly to the exclusion of other activities. In conclusion, children should be controlled from watching excessive cartoons as it can cause health disorders and bring bad influence to them. Children learn quickly. By the time they begin formal schooling, they may have already absorbed a great amount of information. It is, by right, the parent's responsibility to always keep an eye on what are their children up to and guide them if they are doing any immoral activities.

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