Thursday, November 18

Lady GaGa Kena Korban.

Sodap ke, tak sodap ? That's the question. I'm very sure many of you Muslims out there enjoyed your daging lembu, kambing, unta dan sama waktu dengannya semalam. Eid Ul-Adha, there's no meaning to it if there's no meat, kan ? So now, try to imagine kalau Lady GaGa kena korban. Dia kan 'daging' jugak ;)

That's a lot of meat there. That is Lady GaGa's VMA meat dress. A $100 for that dress. Kalau convert to Malaysian ringgit, it costs about RM 313.10. Kalau it was spent for Hari Raya Korban takpe. Ini ? Anyways, here's 8 facts about Lady GaGa's meat dress :

1. It was made of 100% real meat - The meat came from a local family butcher in Los Angeles.

2. It smelled good - GaGa said it had a sweet smell.

3. The dress weighed about 50 lbs. That's approximately 22.7 kg !

4. The meat was cheap - Peter Cacioppo, butcher at Ottomanelli Brothers on the upper East Side, said: “There are no expensive cuts here, no real steaks. The best you've got is the flank steak on top of her head.”

5. It was comfortable - GaGa said it was the most comfortable dress she wore all night.

6. The meat was 100% natural - No preservatives were added.

7. There was no bloody trail - Franc Fernandez, the designer, said: “It's actually very clean meat, very sturdy and strong and doesnt run at all. It's the meat you use to make a roast, where you roll it in a tortilla and put it in the oven.”

8. The dress will eventually turn into beef jerky - The meat dries out, rather than rotting. It becomes jerky.

I know this is old story. 2 months ago, kan ? Anyways, here's a video on why Lady GaGa wore a dress made out of meat on Ellen.

Source : 8 Facts About Lady Gaga's Meat Dress.

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