Saturday, November 20

Shout! Awards 2010.

I won two tickets to the Shout! Awards 2010 held at Stadium Bukit Jalil today. But due to certain reasons, I couldn't attend. Sedih, kan ? But it's okay, I still had the best seat for the show - depan my lappy [laptop]. Special, ain't it ? 

Lemme just tell you one-two bits about the Shout! Awards. It is an entertainment award show created to celebrate the Malaysian entertainment scene. The award recognizes people of music, television, film and radio industry as well as the entertainment industry as a whole.

That's that, here's some random pictures of the Shout! Awards 2010 credits to my dear lappy.

Hosts of Shout! Awards 2010.

3 Awards - it's ultimately your year this year, Yuna.

Solo and Replay performed by Iyaz.

AND the results of Shout! Awards 2010 . . .
  • Rockstar Award – BunkFace
  • Favourite TV Personality Award – Zizan
  • Breakthrough Feature Award – Lagenda Budak Setan
  • PopStar Award – Yuna
  • Power Vocal Award – Faizal Tahir
  • Fresh TV Series Award – Nur Kasih
  • Favorite TV Program Award – Showdown 2010
  • Music Video Award – BunkFace
  • Flava Award – Mizz Nina
  • Hot Guy Award – Henry Golding
  • Hot Chick Award – Scha Al Yahya
  • Coolest Radio Announcer Award – Phat Babes Fly FM
  • Favorite Radio Show Award – Hot FM AM Krew
  • Best On-Screen Chemistry Award – Afdlin Shauki & Liyana Jasmay (Papadom)
  • Mobile Artiste Of The Year Award – Sixth Sense
  • Break Out Award – Yuna
  • The Ultimate Award – Yuna

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amar haziq said...

faizal tahir rocks!

jenguk2 lah blog saya k;)