Tuesday, November 30

Losing His Voice To Puberty.

Justin Bieber has reached puberty. He is reportedly facing a problem with his voice now. That's a norm, kan ? Transformations happen as you grow up, especially as you get to puberty. Girls start developing breasts and get their periods. Boys grow bigger; have hair sprouting everywhere and their voice changes.

I wonder what will he sound like when his voice is done changing.

Anyways, he is supposedly working with the same people who worked with Usher when his voice broke to solve the issue. One of the things Justin Bieber does to keep his voice from breaking reportedly is by getting much vocal rest as humanly possible for a working pop star.

Source : Justin Bieber Hires Usher's Vocal Coach.

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Dila is Azie said...

my lil sis minat dy! hee.

ken said...

he wont sound like him anymore :P