Tuesday, November 23

Welcome Rain !

These past few days has been a rainy one. And I loved it pretty much. Rain is amazing, of course, on the days when you aren't out. I love sitting inside the house watching the rain trickle down my window. It's really soothing.

Here's a short poem I made about rain when I was fifteen. Do leave me critics, yeah ?

Rain, rain ! Pour on fields
Father wants to sow the seeds.

Rain, rain ! Fill our tanks
The cattle will all be filled with thanks.

Rain, rain ! Pour in the street
My paper boats can make a fleet.

Pour in here ; pour in there
Bring in fresh green everywhere.

Note : I got no idea for an entry actually. Pfft.

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Fyzal said...

Not capable to critic english peom. but i think it just nice.

rain is nice unless it causes big flood.

Stephen said...

Nicely done =)