Friday, November 19

Divorce Me, I'm Not Pretty.

Relationships shouldn't be based on looks, right ? I mean looks will eventually fade in time. So, it is not right  for one to be with a person just based on their appearance, kan ? I came across an article in myMetro yesterday, Cerai Isteri Tidak Cantik Makin Meningkat. The title itself is stupid, isn’t it ?

I am really disappointed why people give so much importance to appearance rather than giving it for their true nature or character these days. Beauty is only skin deep. What you don't see is hidden under the skin and it may be more important than physical beauty.

Argh, I guess I'm being too emotional here. But heck, a successful relationship is definitely NOT based upon looks alone. And I'm sure relationships that's primarily built on physical attractiveness won't last long.

So, what do you have to say about individuals divorcing because of appearances and relationships created which are solely based on looks ?

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