Sunday, November 28

No Need To Pay.

I can't believe I actually came up with a dumb joke when I was fifteen. Cleaning out the house is definitely good in a way; you'll come across loads of amusing stuffs. Heh ! And here goes the good for nothing joke. Do leave me critics, yeah ?

There is a board at the entrance of a hotel - "No need to pay for your bill. Your grandson will pay for it."

Ganesh : Feeding free of cost ? That's fine.

Waiter : What would you like to have, sir ?

Ganesh : Get me two gulabjamuns first and then a plate of fried rice with potato chips and vegetable curry.

After he had finished eating.

Waiter : Anything else, sir ?

Ganesh : Of course. A special masala thosai, a set of pooris, a fruit-salad and a cup of coffee.

Finishes eating.

Waiter : Here is the bill, sir.

Ganesh : Bill ? What for ? My grandson will pay for it.

Waiter : You're right, sir. But this bill is for what your grandfather ate.

Ganesh : . . .

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haha.. grandfather ate.. lol