Sunday, June 20

Advice : Jangan Miss Orientation [Part 2].

As I've told you in my Part 1 of advice, the orientation week was absolutely an intro to this & that. But this & that itu larh yang sebenarnya penting untuk seseorang student atau colleague baru untuk tahu. Mengapa ? Kalau korang ingin sesi pembelajaran korang go smoothly, it's best to know this & that of the school, college, university,  or workplace yang korang akan join. Bukan ?
As you all already know from my Part 1 of advice, me and my friends missed our orientation week at MMU. And we definitely regretted having to miss it. Why ? Sebabnya, there was a lot of perkara yang diajar during the orientation week yang perlu diketahui oleh kitaorang to have an easier campus life at MMU.

We were thinking that we will be given a timetable for our first semester. Nampak sangat kitaorang budget that MMU will be just like Multimedia College [MMC] our previous college. But, hell no ! Timetable were to be done by us, ourselves. And it is done on the course registration day.

Kitaorang terpinga-pinga kot during our course registration day sebab tak tahu bagaimana untuk membuatnya ! Rupa-rupanya all the info's were given during the orientation week. Nasib larh there were some guidance from seniors and friends [ex college mates] untuk mengfill-upnya. Thank god !

That was that. Kitaorang tak tau pula how does the internet connection at our respected hostel room works. We thought it would be the same as our previous college. All we had to do was just log into any wireless connection available at the campus with our given matric number and password. But of course, it doesn't work that way !

We asked our senior friends, dorang cakap kena beli cable and setting sendiri. We tried, but to no avail. Later on we found out that, we have to have a cable and a cable port or a WIFI router set up in our room to have access to the internet. Benda ini telah pun diexplain during the orientation week. Which of course we didn't know, because we missed it.

Are the above reasons the only ones why I urge to never miss orientation week ? No, sir ! There's definitely more. But aku rasa this entry is long enough already. And I'm sure you have already gotten a basic idea on how important is orientation week. Kan ? So, fullstop.

P.S : If I'm rajin enough, there'll be a Part 3.

You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.

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Linglung said...

selamat belajar di MMU..segala liku-liku seorang student MMu dah gua tempuhi dengan tabahnya selama gua belajar di sana..

p/s: register online tu menyenangkan derr..lama2 nnt lu biasa punya :)