Wednesday, June 2

Top 9 Song List Of Showdown 2010.

Are you a fan of 8TV's Showdown 2010 ? Well, good for you because you've found a fanatic fan of Showdown 2010 here at SakiraLicious. Yes, people ! Gua minat sangat sama itu Showdown 2010. Have been watching it for quite a while now, tapi tak terblogging about it just yet.

Just to let yall know, we know last week the group yang disingkirkan from Top 10 of Showdown 2010 was Feasible Crew. Leaving 9 more crews to battle on the stage ; Funky UX Force, Soul Krazy, Return Crew, Wakaka Crew, Famous Crew, Floor Fever, Borneo Soul Breakers, Giller Battle Crew & HMC Phlow.

Was penyingkiran Feasible Crew a good move ? I wouldn't exactly say yes, sebab I saw a lot of potential dari diaorang last week during the battles. And to be honest, there were 2 crews yang tak berapa nak layak bila dicompare with Feasible Crew. Who are they ? Go figure.

Okay, enough with the yakking. Kalau korang watched last weeks episode of Showdown 2010, you would have seen that this week's theme is the 70's. And below, I've attached a picture from Showdown 2010's Facebook fanpage of the theme songs for the 70's battle. Enjoy !

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Hazzy Ishak said...

FMC rocks!!

nurfaiz shaidan said...

showdown ni competition for dancing crew ke?
mcm best je :D

Aidi-Safuan said...

kenapa nama semua group cam pelik jer. :P

Sakira said...

They now what they're doing ! ;)

Sakira said...

Yep, competition for dancing crew. Tapi focusing kepada BBoys, Hip Hop . . . that kinda thing :)

Sakira said...

Sebab dorang breakers maa ! :))

rossoneri said...

haish, ley tgk online x?kat youtube ada x?...huhuh susah lah nak tgk tv..

Sakira said...

Boleh jer tengok online di sini . . . :)