Thursday, June 24

Top 6 Of Showdown 2010 ; At A Glance [Part 2].

As I've told you all in part 1, the 8TV's Showdown 2010 had some surprise in store for us fans - duo performances. The first duo to perform the collaborated show was Giller Batlle Crew with Borneo Soul Breakers. They received positive feedbacks from all three judges.

The next duo to take down the stage was Wakaka Crew along with HMC Phlow. The performance was not a satisfying one as they received negative comments from all three judges. It was mainly because the dance steps were not synchronized and there were a lot of 'pelanggaran' during the show.

Floor Fever and Famous Crew was the next collaboration crew to bring down the stage of Showdown 2010. It was rhythm-ed with OMG by Usher ft. Will.I.Am. The performance from this duo was the best of the night, as commented by Joe Flizzow.

After the duo performances were done, the bottom 4 were revealed. Floor Fever, Famous Crew, Giller Battle Crew, and Borneo Soul Breakers were the crews with the lowest number of votes. Floor Fever was to battle with Giller Battle Crew. Meanwhile, Famous Crew was to battle with Borneo Soul Breakers.

The first battle was won by Giller Battle Crew. The second battle was won by Famous Crew. And the crew that left Showdown 2010 this week was Borneo Soul Breakers, which was not a surprise at all.

The previous entry and this entry is only the blabbering about top 6 of Showdown 2010 at a glance. What really happened during the battle was something. Stay tuned at SakiraLicious to find out what exactly is that something.

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