Saturday, June 12

I Made RM 280 From Project Alpha. Woot² !

That's right. You read the title itself . . . I made RM 280 just by participating in Project Alpha's instant cash blogging. Alhamdulillah. Happy-happy, joy-joy ! Woot-wooooot ! Aku tahu aku sedang menggila as of for now. Heh ;)

Each week, Project Alpha gave a new topic to blog about, and I got RM 20 credited into my Nuffnang account just by doing a blog post on the topic. Easy-peasy, and it was guaranteed as well ! Seriously.

My winning entries were :
Okay, I made it for 13 blog posts only which is equivalent to RM 260. So, where did another RM 20 drop off from ?

Week 9 (b)'s entry required me to submit an audition video to Ruumz and embed it in my blog post. Which I did. And the first 20 to submit the Project Alpha's audition video received a RM 20 in their Nuffnang's account. And I was in the first 20 category, of course ! Heh ;)

So I've told my winning entries. Let me list down pula my losing entries :
Yang week 15 punya Project Alpha's instant cash blogging aku belum buat lagi. Sebab aku tahu aku takkan make it into the top 50 to blog about it. Dah lambat gegila kot. Haha !

You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.

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kaizen shinobi said...


congratz... aq dapat 1 je... ngehahha baru tau cne nak wat PA... T.T

tuh pun nak habis dah... ades... xpe2.. len tahu aq wat... ahaks~

♥yaya♥ said...

maaf btanya..
sy bdk br blajaa..
camne nk tau topic to blog about tu? :)

I n n z said...

kaya lah xD

topo said...

fuyo rajin giler join instant cash blogging tu.. congrats..

Sakira said...

Dah habis dah pon. Cdey-cdey-cdey. Huu~
Takpe-takpe, next time mesti ada lagi. Rajin-rajinkan larh diri, yep ? ;)

Sakira said...

Kat website Project Alpha, every week dorang akan bagi new posts to blog about. All links are up there ;)

As for now, Project Alpha dah habis dah. But I'm sure there'll be a next time :)

Sakira said...

Usaha tangga kejayaan. Ececeh ! ;)

Sakira said...

Rajin sebab banyak gila free time during the instant cash blogging. Hehe ;)

Sharinginfoz said...

tahniah... banyaknya dapat kan saya tak pernah dapat benda alah tu

Susah Juga Nak Dapat 500 UV

thomas said...

Wah! That's a lot,i also want,
but too bad it's out of topic for my blog.

MuNsYi SaMa said...

wow, cool. Tak serajin u join instant cash ni, in fact tak pernah pon.hehe

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Wah strong nya !
All the best for future earning =D

Anonymous said...

aku asyik memerhati jer...btw, congratulation...

Anonymous said...

dpt 2ratus lebih. hehe
tahniah ;)

Sakira said...

Kalau you try hard that time, mesti dapat nyer ;)

Sakira said...

Ohh, you have a special niche for your blog I see . . .
You could have just give it a try anyways ! :)

Sakira said...

I rajin kekadang jer. Hehe :)

Sakira said...

Thanq ! :)

Sakira said...

Thanq !
Asal memerhati jer, asal tak join sekali ? :)

Sakira said...

Thanq ! Tahniah dapat BB :)