Tuesday, June 1

Well, Hello June !

Close, buka, close, buka mata [aiyak, sounds so weird !] dah masuk bulan June dah pun. Gonna be a real hectic one, I can foresee. Sebab ? Dah nak sambung belajar. Sigh~ Hopefully everything turns out well !

Cakap pasal nak sambung belajar, I haven't got my butt to MMU to register yet. No one at home is free to bring me there. And I'm not allowed to go there alone sebab my father nak follow along with his friend. Dorang nak tau one-two-hundred things about MMU. Adoiyaiii !

I hope-hope-hope everything dapat diselesaikan as soon as possible. I don't want anything to turn out bad dowh ! Good news, good news . . . fill up my ears, please !

Ohh, wait. I do have a good news. The first good news I got as of this month from Kaizen Shinobi. Miraculously I've won referral contest terbanyak. Macam mana tu, I pun taktau. But the tuan contest said I've won, so I did larh kan ? Heh ;)

There's another contest in my head yang I lama nak join dah, tapi belum terjoin-join lagi sebab busy. What contest it is, stay tuned at SakiraLicious to find out.

Okay, put contests aside. I'm sorry I haven't really done much blogwalking, commenting back at what you guys have got to say at my blog posts, commenting at your blog's blog posts and such. I've been real busy. Hope you'd understand.

Ohh, just as a reminder . . . I'll be even more busier selepas ini when I go sambung belajar. Maybe my blog akan berspider-web for SpiderMan to come and play along. Haih~ I tau my blog traffic will go down-down-down . . . tapi, ohh well ! I'll be back :)

Cakap pasal traffic, thanx to those yang sudi mengunjungi blog ini when I post up blog posts. Nampak tak the 29 May below, that is the ammount of real followers I have. Once I update, that's the ammount of traffic I dapat per day. Mucho gracias, peeps. You know I love you !

Prestasi paling teruk of SakiraLicious. But, ada aku kisah ? *Azwan Ali influenced me !

This entry is just a little bit on this and a little bit on that of May and June summed up together. Till I see yall next time, adios !

You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.

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