Monday, May 17

Who Will Win The World Cup ?

I know I am so-so-so late for this week's Project Alpha instant cash blogging. I've had a hectic week last week continuing to this week. I rasa the hecticness will be all over by the end of May. Itu pun tak jamin lagi. Cheh ! But then again, ingin ku mengwrite-up juga an entry. Rasa cam tak complete pula kalau skip a week. LOL !

Anyways, who will win the World Cup ? A very big question, I know. Lagi a big question for me yang takde larh fan besar of football. I tengok ala kadar jer. Once in a blue moon. Camtu je lorh. Heh ;)

My bet goes for Brazil. Sebab ? Masa I was in Form 1, 2002 - there was World Cup juga. Kalau tak silap larh. And that time the final game was between Germany and Brazil. Biasa larh budak-budak sekolah start mengbet-bet pula during the matches. And yeah, I did too.

I dunno why, I memberanikan diri untuk mengbet sama-sama for the final game. And of course, I betted on Brazil. RM 50, tak banyak I tau. Tapi, banyak larh for a high school kid. LOL ! And - I menang. So yeah, itu larh sebab why my bet goes for Brazil.

Ooh, and sebab Roberto Carlos ! :)

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