Monday, January 25


I am starting to believe that Nuffnang does generate us money.
I've only been blogging for a week (exactly a week as of today) and I inserted the HTML code of Nuffnang just a few days ago . . .

Right now; this is how my earnings through Nuffnang looks like :

It's not much. It's just RM 1.50. I know.
But I'm happy to see there's an amount compared to RM 0.00.

I can't be 100% sure whether I'll get paid after I generate RM 50.00, but I'm gonna patiently wait to see whether there are such such payment or not. Whether Nuffnang is telling the truth or not. Whether it's just a scam or not. Hmm . . . 

And I will definitely do a blog-post for that too. Cause I know many of us Nuffnangers are suspicious whether blog advertising really does transact us money after we generate em'.

I know I was & am suspicious, curious, and very doubtful of it. LOL !


DaHLia said...

now dah percaya kan??

Sakira said...

Yes-yes. Now dah completely start to percaya.
Tapi belum transact lagi, so was-was itu masih ada. Hehe ;)