Thursday, January 7

Toilet, Ohh Toilet !

We have often seen many signboards placed in toilets, whether as a reminder or as an announcement. This may be because it is human's nature to tend to forget and must be always reminded.

Following are some toilet signs which we normally see around.

A commonly seen sign.

McD's toilet sign. Comel.

Another biasa one.

Now . . . the next few pictures are the ones we rarely get to see.
I think it is mostly done in overseas.

 Paham kan ?

The word men & women itself is enough, but the illustration makes it much more clearer.

 Ini comel.

This is undeniably a lie. Not all women does that, okay ?

Now I know why toilet roll paper habis cepat.

Yeah right. Nak skodeng, ngaku je larh. LOL !

Guys, guys ;)

"Pointers" . . . xleh blah.

There's only one correct way to use the toilet seat. Get it ?

Gentlemen & ladies ; remember that, please.

Clearly said by using the image.

Note : This post was originally inspired by Blogger Kacak.


shengfatt said...

great post lar suka sgt!!!! toilet- the place we visit everyday!!!! haha

Sakira said...

Shengfatt : Thanq-thanq :)