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How To Add Favicon To Blogger/Blogspot.

Aku dah lama tertanya-tanya : "Camne org leh wat that small image in the address bar uniquely". Padahal dorg pon using at the back. So, I hang around with my best friend ; Mr Google. And 'terjumpa' tutorial. Senang larh gak.

I am very sure many of you would like to add a favicon of your own to your Blogger/Blogspot blog. So, I nak share-share ngan korg the tutorial that I found.

A favicon (also known as a bookmark icon, website icon, or shortcut icon) is the small image (16x16 pixels) that appears in the address bar when visiting a site.

Adding a favicon to Blogger is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Here's how:

Step 1

Create a favicon. You can do so through Photoshop, Photoscape dan sama waktu dengannya. Other than that you can also generate a simple favicon here and download it to your computer.

Step 2

Host favicon online. Upload it into an external web host, such as Photobucket dan sama waktu dengannya.

Step 3

Obtain the favicon URL. If you’ve uploaded your favicon to an external web host, copy the embedded URL for the image. This is the location (URL) of your favicon. Note . . . the URL must end with ‘jpg.’ / ‘png.’ dan sama waktu dengannya.

Step 4

Add favicon to Blogger. Visit your Blogger dashboard or Blogspot account. Click on ‘Layout’, then ‘Edit HTML’. You should now be presented with a screen allowing you to edit the HTML of your blog template.
    Within the HTML, near the top, you should see:

    Immediately bawah that line of code, paste the following:
    <link href='URL FOR YOUR FAVICON IMAGE HERE' rel='shortcut icon' type='image/x-icon'/>

    Step 5

    Save your template & test. Save your Blogger template, then click on ‘View Blog’. If the favicon does not appear in your address bar, then try refreshing your browser. If you still do not see it, clear your browser's cache file and restart the browser. Renavigate to your blog.

    Berjaya x ?

    Source : How to Add Favicon to Blogger/Blogspot

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