Friday, January 22

Why I Like It Longer.

If I had longer fingers; I’d be a pianist.
If I had longer legs; I’d be a runner.
If I had longer LG Chocolate Phone; I’d be a woman with the perfect gadget.
That’s why I like it longer, positively.

I like it longer because it’s chic.
I like it longer because it’s up to date.
I like it longer because it’s the only one of its kind.
I like it longer because it’s the shape of the future.
That’s why I like it longer, undeniably.

A review posted by Phone Arena:
Alongside of most other phones, the BL40 comes in a different form factor. The phone is long and narrow, partly due to its non-standard aspect ratio of the display. Being a member of the Black Label series, it sports an incredibly stylish overall look. Black seems to have taken over almost entirely, but the red upper and lower parts of the body lend some color to the austere, graceful design. Perhaps the New Chocolate BL40 will prove to be the next PRADA, despite the fact it’s not branded by the fashion label. This preview is based on a prototype, but still, we simply must tell you about the amazingly beautiful image quality, its 4-inch TFT display with native resolution of 358x800 pixels and 16 million colors deliver. Colors are really saturated and the only displays we have seen that provide such a superb image quality are AMOLED ones. Way to go, LG!
It's different and stylish. The qualities everyone look for in their phones. At least I do.
Need I say more why I like it longer?

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