Tuesday, January 19

A Scar For Life.

You make it seem like nothing's wrong
I'm sorry but I can't be as strong.
I wish you'd tell me how you feel
If your feelings for me are real.

But you stay silent - you don't speak
Can't you see I'm getting weak?
You make me slowly lose my mind
Can you really be so blind?

You can't see the tears I cry
You can't answer when I ask why.
And what about the pain inside
Do you care – do you mind?

The answer's written on your face
I realize we have lost this race.
Why didn't you just let me know?
How could you let my feelings grow?

Just answer me this one last thing
Was this for you just another fling?
The truth cuts deep and leaves a scar
You broke my heart – you went too far.
Note : This poem was not created by me. Found it in my Documents, felt like sharing.

+ Note : This poem reminded me of November 09.

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