Saturday, January 30

Innity, Ohh Innity !

As most of korang perasan kan, there are some bloggers tengah hot-hot mengutarakan pendapat or menceritakan pengalaman dorg pasal Innity.

Apa itu Innity ? Innity actually lebih kurang sama dengan Nuffnang, Advertlets & sama waktu dengannya. Innity provides advertisers the most robust digital ad-serving. Kita, bloggers, act as publishers in Innity . . . Kita publishkan advertisers punya advertisements in our blogs.

According to what I read in Kenapa Saya Memilih Innity & Innity Aku Sayang Kamu ; Innity generates a lot more money, much faster compared to Nuffnang. Nuffnang agak lambat arr. Fullstop.

I yang sedang gatal tangan nak kumpul duit beli HP baru, baca-baca larh how to get Innity ads . . . bapak susah dowh !
Before you apply to be a part of Innity Network, websites must meet the following minimum requirements to be eligible to host banner advertisements within our affiliate network. However, acceptance is subjective and may be based on other subjective criteria such as quality of content, user demographics etc.
  • Websites must have a minimum of 15,000 Pageviews per month on average.
  • Websites must have a minimum of 3,000 Unique Visitors per month.
  • Websites must be rich in Quality Content and will be updated frequently.
  • Flexible with customizable ad formats/placements and any other advertising opportunities to optimize revenue.
  • Traffic cannot be generated by utilizing any of the following methods: Listings on newsgroups, unsolicited bulk commercial e-mailings, instant messenger postings & chat room postings.
  • Websites must NOT contain, produce or link to profane and/or adult content of any kind.
  • Websites must be hosted under a root domain. No sites hosted on free providers will be considered.
Siapa larh saya untuk ada 15,000 pageviews & 3,000 unique visitor per month. Haih~
But then again, akan ku cuba sedaya upaya untuk attract lebih ramai bloggers to singgah di blog saya.
I want Innity. Money-minded. Haha !

Note : Kalau I ada tersalah info ; please correct me. Thanq.


Anonymous said...

errr... mcm best jep.. ?

Sakira said...

Yes-yes. Mcm best.
Nak try, tapi my situation x mengizinkan.
Haha !

Ariff Shah said...

thanks for linking, tapi boleh betulkan sikit x.
Link kan tajuk post, instead of nama saya. macam yang saya buat kat post saya tu. saya dah link post awak ni dalam blog saya juga. Bagus untuk google pagerank.

Mr PenyuBiru said...

semoga berjaya yer.

Sakira said...

Ariff Shah : Okay boss !
And thanx for linking :)

Mr PenyuBiru : Thanq2.

DaHLia said...

u will get it...i trust on u n ur blogging creativity!