Saturday, January 16

Nescafe & Kencing.

Korang kerap x minum Nescafe ? Yes ; Nescafe.

Do you realize . . . bila kita kencing after drinking Nescafe, hasil buangan kita tu berbau ala-ala Nescafe ?
X kisah la sama ada kita kencing after a few hours after the ingestion of Nescafe or the next day . . . mesti ada smell punya larh !
And lepas tu, our urine smell is back to normal.

Okay ; maybe korang xde problem ni. But, I do ;(

I seriously wonder and wondered . . . asal my kencing smelled of Nescafe after drinking it.
By right ; urine yang good² sepatutnya tiada warna dan bau, kan ?

I tried searching real hard through Mr Google pasal issue ni . . . and I came to a conclusion !
The reason why our urine smell smells of coffee after consuming it ; is because we are dehydrated. Coffee will dehydrate us thus causing our urine to smell like it. We shall drink more water to overcome the smell.
I feel satisfied with the answer I stumbled upon. But I do welcome more info's on it.
If korang taw anything pasal this issue . . . sharing-sharing, aite ?


Qismina said...

owhhh.. baru tau.. ehehee.. penah gak jadi camtue..

Sakira said...

Minumlah air byk-byk. Yep ? :)